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Terry Terry Terry

I spent a good hour on Terry Richardson’s diary page looking through a year worth of pictures and pretty much following his life. I’ve always been an admirer of his works and it still impresses me as to how he can get along with all these different types of people and truly embrace their personality through film.



Outfit Of The Day

OOTD: Study Attire

Just a really simple and comfortable outfit for a ‘long’ day of studying. I wish i could show the back of this teal sweater, it’s a mesh cut out and kind of see-through 🙂 super cute!! If my arms were long enough to take pictures of my back, I would…

I’m actually determined to do my readings before class, yet i’m on wordpress haha. we’ll see how long this will last >.<

Off to the library! woohoo…..



20120911-161337.jpgToday me and my best friend went to a tattoo parlor called “The Pearl Harbor” to get her first tattoo! It was quite exciting 🙂 The weather was deceivingly cold in the morning  then turned super hot in the after noon.. thats why i’m wearing my sweater outward, it ended up looking like a scarf.

Here is the end result:
Overall the people were SUPER friendly and I am considering to go back to get MY first one soooon.

Outfit Of The Day

OOTD: Kensington Market