Random: Coping with Stress

Today was my second day of class and I had a psychology course called Stress Management and how to cope with Stress. I thought the course was relevant since i am stressed 87% of the time, especially during school. There are a few things that I’ve learned that really struck out to me.

Disclaimer: this is my personal interpretation of the lecture, it may or may not be factual.

1. Stress is Accumulative.

Big or Little, stress piles up.
Stress + Stress + Stress = BLOW UP!
It could be as little as…you missing the bus + someone leaving the toilet seat wet in the public bathroom + you left your cell at home.

2. Being aware of your stress can help you deal with it better

We ALL have daily stresses in our lives. But if your constantly getting stressed about the SAME THING (eg. traffic jam, rude bus drivers) its only going to make your day even worse. But by being aware of the little unpredictable things in our lives, we cope better by not stressing the small stuff.

3. Try to arrange your life so that little “uplifts” become bigger.

Personally I tend to remember the BAD things that have happened to me more than the good. But there are times where i have “uplifting” moments and it can totally make my day. For example, a stranger would compliment my outfit that day, or I hear my favorite song on the radio, or i get new comments/followers on my new blog!

Lets try to remember all these little things in our daily life, and maybe you wont blow up the next time your bf tries to take your food 😛


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