My favorite Youtubers


Jen from Clothes Encounters! I would have to say she is one of my favorite youtuber. I’ve been watching her videos ever since the beginning when she used to do videos with Sarah(best friend). Her style is edgy, vintage, wearable and comfortable! I love that she thrifts! Her editing skills are amazing and all her videos have great music to go with the theme of the video.


Jarmaine! I love this chick, she’s hilarious and knows how to have a good laugh. She has another channel JLovesMac1 where she does makeup, talks about clothes, typical girl stuff. I like JarmaineTV better because she totally relates to girls around their early 20s. She talks about confidence, working out, how to deal with friends, living alone and boys!
Check her out, you’ll fall in love with her dogs (benji is my favorite)

Jen from Head to Toe

Probably my favorite make up gurus of all time. Every since i discovered her i pretty much fell in love! She’s korean, tiny, has mono lids (like me), and seems like the sweetest/humble person! I’m not a big fan of watching makeup tutorials but she makes it hard not to watch sometimes haha


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