I N V U !!

Sometimes I feel like our world is so consumed with materialistic things and people start to lose meaning of the true purpose of life (whatever that is). I know I’m privileged in so many ways. I have a healthy family and a group of wonderful friends, a home, i attend school blah blah blah.. but sometimes I can’t help but be ENVY those who have so much more. As shallow and materialistic as it sounds, isn’t that what ultimately validates our success? I don’t believe life is just about buying glamourous things and going to fancy places, because its not. But sometimes, its nice to just appreciate the things we have, and yes sometimes we envy the things that other people have as well, I mean, we are all human lol.

Harley_Viera_Newton_Closet-036_2 Jen_Brill_Closet-018_3 Maria_Duenas_Closet-012_4 monica_rose_closet-019 Nicole_Laliberte_Closet-009_4 Nicole_Laliberte_Closet-015_4 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-015_5 Taylor_Tomasi_Hill_Closet-005 Whitney_Port_Closet-004 MaryKate_Steinmiller_Closet-011_4 MaryKate_Steinmiller_Closet-018_4 Rachel_Zoe_Closet-016_5 Tara_McCollum_Closet-010



2 thoughts on “I N V U !!

  1. I consider myself pretty lucky too, okay, really lucky, and I know what you mean. A few months ago, I took a part time sales job at a upscale department store to have something to do, have a little cash and for the great discount. Im lucky enough to not have to work and just needed something to get out of my rut and feel productive. When I started there were so many things that I saw and wanted. Nothing I needed, just wanted and justified buying. After awhile, dealing with customers who really bought way more than myself and many who had serious shopping addictions (some could afford it, some juggled credit cards) I got out off to the idea of owning more things I didn’t need. I stopped shopping and started purging my house. I now have a lot less clutter and better perspective. We live in a society where the need for more and more stuff is driven into us.

    • Yeah that’s so true. It’s everyday situations like this when we never care to think about what’s right and wrong for our own individual perspective of life … It’s probably because the world is constantly moving and people are just trying to catch up with the technology and trends that we forget who we are as real people, not consumers

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