Outfit Of The Day

Work Attire

Alright, i thought i would share some of the outfits i wear that i feel are appropriate yet “fun”! Not all working outfits should be so conservative and boring… with a pop of color you can change the whole outfit.

As you can see i really like stripes! Most of the tops here (aside from the dress shirts) are from J.crew. I didnt change my cropped pants (forever 21) at all because there is no need, it fits like a glove with everything i wear.

I apologize for the inconsistency of the pictures.. i seriously need a better camera.. and a person to hold it lol

creww photo



Remember those art classes back in elementary school where we would do collages of a bunch of random unrelated things? I remember putting together a collage full of feathers, rubber band, some popsicle sticks and a bunch of cotton balls lace between pipe-cleaners haha. The point is, it definitely did not look like the ones in these pictures. The contrast between reality and graphics are so aesthetically pleasing! I use most of these images as my wallpapers for my phone or my desktop background. The cool thing is that whenever i look at these pictures more and more i can pin point different details every time i see it! Oh the beauty of cutting and pasting.

Credits to the artist who’ve devoted their time and effort creating these amazing works.
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Gmarket Insomnia

Here i am 3:50am in the morning trying to fall asleep after 10 cups of tea… being sick is no fun!

In spite of my current insomnia, i was able to catch up on my dose of korean trends on Gmarket. This is a very dangerous site for me because i ADORE these clothes offered by these small  korean designers. And not just a few, but ALOT of them at that. It was amazing to see how women dress up in korea. No matter if your going to the market, or to the bar to meet some friends, women look perfect head-to-toe. I pulled out some of the pictures from the site and it gives a pretty good idea of how korean women dress every single day. The influence of trends i would say comes from all over the world, mainly western trends and alot of european trends that hit the runway before entering street wear.

From my observations, no matter what season or style, korean clothes have a very simliar line of foundational trend it generally follows. If i had to describe korean style it would be Clean, Simple, Fitted, and has a sense of Chic-ness lol if that makes any sense…a subtle thing i’ve noticed was that loose-fitted clothes, although are still “baggy” they tend to fit proportionate to a persons body.

I miss those underground shopping (connected mainly in city subways) malls they have where clothes would range literally from $5-$30!!! And you would think its terrible quality and styling but I cannot be happier with all of my purchases because of the amazing fit and lasting quality 🙂

Oh and dont get me started on the food…..*drooool*

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageScreen shot 2013-01-12 at 4.10.36 AM


Who, What, Where, When, Why

In fashion its not always about WHAT people wear, it really boils down to WHO wears it and WHEN they decide to wear a certain outfit of the day. Anyone can dress up at anytime and look great but its never about just looking great, its about how a person feels in it and how other people can perceive one another based on their outfit and vibe. We may ask ourselves WHY do we dress the way we do? In the end clothes are clothes, its not like they can make anyone a better person or get them a successful career. But I personally think that it can do a lot for your inner self because when you look good, you feel great.



If that necklace can talk…

We’ve all heard of the term “STATEMENT NECKLACE” and its actually an amazing way to upgrade your look. Whether your wearing a gown or sweats, having the right statement piece can really amp up your overall wardrobe. I’ve personally have never been into the BOLD/COLORFUL/FUNKY/CRYSTALLY jewelry, but after experimenting a few times I come to enjoy them ALOT

statement+necklace tumblr_mf1e4gmyyQ1s0u120o1_500 tumblr_mfgrv7s8A91rrjl8lo1_500 tumblr_mfhxdpCUcQ1rlg1yto1_500 tumblr_mftisz5zhc1r18556o1_500 tumblr_mfzexa8XYx1qi6e7jo1_500 tumblr_mfzg31xtDj1r01xumo1_500 tumblr_mg2a4axDRg1qjqs77o1_400 tumblr_mg4glqtr0g1rdbee8o1_500




Happy New Year Everyone~