Lately, I’ve been obsessed over watching KNTM for some reason. Reminiscing the days when I would eagerly await every monday night after school to watch ANTM hoping that the model I want to succeed gets through every round while praying that the cocky b*tch that boasts about herself every two seconds gets a good a$$ whoopin’ (verbally ofcourse) from Tyra Banks. After watching a couple recent episodes of KNTM (and catching up on all of last season in two nights) i’ve come to appreciate the faces of “traditional” Korean women. It was refreshing to see contestants with true, natural features as opposed to ridiculously plasticized faces like we see today.

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Korea’s Next Top Model


19 Surprisingly Hot Things Guys Do Without Realizing It

i love how the writer is so articulate in this article, its SO TRUE.

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Well, maybe they do realize they’re doing it, but I just want to imagine that it’s a happy accident. I don’t want to believe that any guys are actually that sexily cunning, and are using their powers for evil. Let me live in my peaceful ignorance.

1. Having a perfectly subtle scent of cologne/aftershave that doesn’t overpower but leaves you with that “boy smell” that you just want to get high off of the rest of the day. (God forbid they let you borrow some article of clothing, in which case you might get some sort of lung infection from vigorously inhaling the fibers through your nose.)

2. Lingering on a hug for just a moment too long.

3. Looking you directly in the eyes when they talk to you, with perhaps the occasional glance down to your lips while you’re talking to them.

4. Licking their lips gently when…

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