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Changeroom Diaries #ootd

Currently 3:40am and I can’t seem to fall asleep 😔  Why brain, why..?

On a fashion note!

Went to the mall recently for some “window shopping” do you ever just go to the mall and try things you would never actually wear outside of the changeroom just to see if you can pull it off?? I (clearly) do 🙂 I’ve decided to tackle the crop top! It’s definitely a lot more skin than I’m used to but I can understand the appeal… 

My takeaway: wouldn’t hurt to do a couple sit-ups once in a blue moon 🌒 



Outfit Of The Day

Winter ootd #2

We have a bunch of potluck & Christmas parties lined up the next few weeks but none of them with the “ugly Christmas sweater” theme 😦 I thrifted this sweater last summer (the one time I prepare ahead)! Ah well. maybe next year 😛
(Sweater paired with Jeggings from forever21 & Aldo booties)


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Vintage Overload

The number one quality university students all have in common is being broke. Spending money (we don’t have) on coffee, alcohol, food and ridiculous amounts on textbooks! All while juggling a minimum wage part time job.

For this reason, I resorted to thrifting a few years back and never regretted it since. I love finding one of a kind items, knowing that no one else in my generation could possibly have the same. I personally find it therapeutic and super fun (aside from the odd smell and old crazy women in the stores)

Thrifting ftw!!

– Both Tops
– Oxfords

– Necklace from J.crew and Forever 21