Denim denim

I’ve had these jeans for over 8 years and they started to feel a little snug. Instead of throwing them out I decided to DIY them instead. I might’ve gotten a bit too carried away with the ripping of the jeans but I still love em!


Shirt & Denim Jack – J.Crew
Necklace & jeans – Forever21
Plaid shirt – Winners


Print on Print

So happy with this silk zip up I found at the thrift shop today!! Just had to emphasize its boldness and the animalistic feel 🐯🐯🐯

The key to pulling off a heavy print without making it look too busy is to separate it with solid colors on the inside. Choosing the RIGHT solid color is also key because you don’t want any clashing of the two. Neutrals are usually the safest, I chose to highlight the colors that are already on the silk zipup (army green + black).
Oh and did I mention it has a hood?!

Try it out 🙂