Everyday is a new day!

9 weeks and counting.

We’ve learned so much in such a short period of time! Experimented with lots of different cuts and perms. Bring on the color!!

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My journey thus far…

it’s been a busy couple of months and a lot has changed. My last post talks about my journey to switch paths and pursue hairstyling. Now we’re here 6 weeks later into the program and I’m loving it. I get to learn something new everyday and it really allows me to channel my creativity in a way I never thought possible. Here are some photos of my process so far 🙂  

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Mini vacation 

I recently decided to take this time to really  self reflect on the decisions I’ve made during the last couple years to figure out what I truly want to do for the rest of my life. After graduating university with a degree In a field I have no interest in, I’ve decided to change paths and use this opportunity to pursue a career in cosmetology… Meaning hair school. It’s always been a dream of mine (along with many girls I’m sure) to be a hairstylist but my ego wouldn’t let me due to its stigma in the Asian community. However, the reality is that all people have hair and its a guarantee business. It’ll be a skill I can take all over the world and I’ll have no limits to where it can take me. After making this decision to go back to school I realize summer is winding down and I didn’t utilize it!! So here’s a look of my mini vacation with a couple friends to a place called Tobermory located in Bruce Peninsula Ontario where the water is clear as day… It was truly beautiful 🙂  



No Makeup Makeup 


Anna Akana said it best on one of her snapchats: isn’t it weird that it’s considered “brave” now a days when a girl posts a selfy without any makeup?! 

It’s totally true! Why should we feel so obligated to put on a mask everyday? The way i see it there’s two sides to makeup. When used responsibly, women are able to enhance their God given features and let’s face it, makeup is MAGICAL (when used right). On the flip side, there are women that feel they need to put on makeup regardless if they’re stepping out of the house or even just staying in…. Which is fine, it’s only when makeup starts to mold your self esteem and you feel totally insecure if you don’t have any on.


I created this nomakeupmakeup look with a few drugstore items. My goal was to create a dewy-sunkist look without looking like I put too much on 🙂 I recommend the sunblock to be used for those who have dry skin, it’s a tad greasy but it doesn’t dry out your makeup throughout the day. 

Here are the products I’ve used:

Please use responsibly



Outfit Of The Day

Changeroom Diaries #ootd

Currently 3:40am and I can’t seem to fall asleep 😔  Why brain, why..?

On a fashion note!

Went to the mall recently for some “window shopping” do you ever just go to the mall and try things you would never actually wear outside of the changeroom just to see if you can pull it off?? I (clearly) do 🙂 I’ve decided to tackle the crop top! It’s definitely a lot more skin than I’m used to but I can understand the appeal… 

My takeaway: wouldn’t hurt to do a couple sit-ups once in a blue moon 🌒