Love is in the air💕

Tis that season for gorgeous spring weddings! I’ve attended two in the past month and we have another one coming up later this year. It’s pretty interesting to see the life transition stages where we get to experience this wave of people getting married and soon we’ll hit the age where everyone around us have children! Goes to show how fast life moves (eek) 

First dress: forever21 

Second dress: h&m 



Jeans and Tees

The classic pairing of all time. I think it’s one of the sexiest looks when people dress in a comfy shirt and jeans. Sometimes, too much clothing can get overwhelming 🙂

“I feel sexy in my jeans and wearing my boyfriends t-shirt.”
– Jennifer Aniston



Color of the day

maroon maroon maroon!

I had the most difficult time trying to snap a perfect picture for this peplum dress, hence the silly photos…

Maybe I shouldn’t have chugged coffee before attempting this post…. Lesson learned.

Happy Monday everyone!

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J.crew necklace

Forever21 dress



Who says gold and yellow can’t mix?
It’s definitely an unusual colour combination because they’re so close on the colour scale. In order to dilute the strong textures and mismatch colouring, I chose an electric blue (complementing the yellow) cardigan to balance the look together.

You can also see the difference between accessorizing and not accessorizing. The look is almost formalized with the proper pairing of the muted belt and a bright orange necklace to compliment the cardigan.