Summer Smokey-eye Makeup

Since the last post was so popular I’ve decided to get creative and post a semi-smokey eye makeup for the summer. The colour I used is orange but you can also be creative by using other bright colours depending on your skintone. I did this demonstration because you can’t really see it on my eyes from the pictures… The eyes look a bit scary but bare with me here haha  




Went in for an unexpected interview literally less than two hours of notice. I came up with this look by mixing formal and casual wear. I personally don’t like to be TOO dressed up when I go to an interview because I don’t feel comfortable in the clothing, nor does it show originality. But Ofcourse it depends on what field you are going into πŸ™‚




How to:

4 Way Scarf Dress

I did a similar post like this a year ago and seem to get some great responses so I’ve decided to make another scarf DIY!
I apologize for not putting up the steps to each of these looks, its a little difficult with a self timer camera, but they’re pretty
easy to do πŸ™‚ The key is to have a BIG scarf that you can manipulate it to your body.

If you have any questions about the looks let me know and ill answer as best I can.

Be creative & have fun!




Make up and its Wonders

Isn’tΒ it amazing what makeup can do to a persons face? I love watching these videos sometimes to see what the final look would be. Kind of scary though knowing that alot of these girls look completely different without make up :S Especially in society today where cosmetic surgery is so common. I have nothing against it, i personally was considering it myself. In korea, its really common to have some sort of surgery done, usually prior to university or entering the workplace. It’s unfortunate to say but sometimes, Image is Everything.

I say that makeup “enhances our features” and girls should have fun with the face God gave them. But lets remember not to rely on our image alone and that beauty fades overtime

Outfit Of The Day

OOTD 1: Korean Style

I recently just came back from Korea. It was refreshing to get out of Toronto and back to my old β€œroots”. South Korea is well known for its modern culture in terms of food, shopping, music(oppa gangnam style γ…Žγ…Ž) and the insane nightlife that never seems to sleep! The outfit i put together is a mix of Korean style (clean cuts/fit) and western style (accessories/styling).
ps. Don’t mind the dirty mirror… it was the only full length mirror i could find in the house and its in my brothers room…

Currently Wearing:

Korean stores (mainly in the area of λ™λŒ€λ¬Έ)- Denim vest/ orange sandals/ Mint pants

H&M Tanktop

Forever 21 Gold Necklace