My journey thus far…

it’s been a busy couple of months and a lot has changed. My last post talks about my journey to switch paths and pursue hairstyling. Now we’re here 6 weeks later into the program and I’m loving it. I get to learn something new everyday and it really allows me to channel my creativity in a way I never thought possible. Here are some photos of my process so far 🙂  

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Love is in the air💕

Tis that season for gorgeous spring weddings! I’ve attended two in the past month and we have another one coming up later this year. It’s pretty interesting to see the life transition stages where we get to experience this wave of people getting married and soon we’ll hit the age where everyone around us have children! Goes to show how fast life moves (eek) 

First dress: forever21 

Second dress: h&m 




Long time no Trend Report!

It’s been a hectic couple months, trying to settle (mentally) toward a healthy(ier) routine now that I’m graduated. The transition period definitely took time to get used to…still adjusting haha

Anyways, just wanted to share my new obsession with cut out everything! its totally sexy without it being obvious. I’m tempted to do DIY cutouts on my own with some of my clothes lol verdict tbc…

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Gifting from the Poor

Lets be real, as much as we love the people around us, we still try to cut corners when it comes to gifting on Christmas. You would think after 10 years of present shopping that you would be a pro at picking presents for anyone! NOPE. If you’re like me and still having problems finding a reasonable-not-so-cheap-but-cheap gift, look no further! Heres are some gifting ideas under $50. If thats too high of a budget go on Pinterest and find a good D.I.Y Christmas gift. Remember, its all about the packaging 😉

Happy Holidays!

You can never go wrong with a scarf shawl. The bigger the better.


Insulated Gloves for Men. I think practicality is underrated!
(Urban Outfitters)

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.51.27 PM

Who doesn’t like music???
(Best Buy)


Lets be real, we all want one.
(Urban Outfitters)


A safe gift for your book lovers (obviously it doesn’t have to be this particular book)


This just screams “Hipster”
(Urban Outfitters)

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 7.06.12 PM

Something your reluctant to buy on your own but LOVE receiving.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 7.09.36 PM

and of course, the Winter Essentials.


Or you can just get a giftcard 😉


Grinch 2014

Already creeping to the end of 2014. Time seems to fly a lot faster than when it did when I was a kid…

I still remember how exciting playing in the snow was! Building 5ft forts and tobogganing down a steep hill, drinking hot chocolate fast enough so the marshmallow doesn’t FULLY melt, eating icicles just bc everyone did it, everywhere became a playground.

Maybe it’s just age or my lack of enthusiasm for whether anything below freezing, but winter kinda sucks! You start to have responsibilities of shoveling snow (not that I do since I live in an apartment), driving in the mucky slushy snow (not that I have a car or anything), or having to commute to work/school every morning (not that I do that everyday lol).

Getting into the “Christmas spirit” is due to the reminder thats everywhere on ads and obnoxious mall decorations.. Even then, they kind of killed it for me knowing that it’s all just marketing strategy.

Did I become a Grinch?

BUT. Having said all that, I love Christmas. It’s a time where people seem to just relax.. Where time slows down and people are just friendlier when presents are involved aren’t they?

We visited Christmas at the Distillery District here in Toronto, just some quick photos I took for viewing pleasure 🙂