Birthday Makeup 

is it just me or do I just get lazier and lazier to plan elaborate birthday parties.. I remember back in high school I would invite every single person I knew and have crazy beach parties with Korean BBQ with the radio on (like a cool chick)

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m starting to hit that age where you physically feel like you’re “getting old” 🙈



Summer Smokey-eye Makeup

Since the last post was so popular I’ve decided to get creative and post a semi-smokey eye makeup for the summer. The colour I used is orange but you can also be creative by using other bright colours depending on your skintone. I did this demonstration because you can’t really see it on my eyes from the pictures… The eyes look a bit scary but bare with me here haha  



No Makeup Makeup 


Anna Akana said it best on one of her snapchats: isn’t it weird that it’s considered “brave” now a days when a girl posts a selfy without any makeup?! 

It’s totally true! Why should we feel so obligated to put on a mask everyday? The way i see it there’s two sides to makeup. When used responsibly, women are able to enhance their God given features and let’s face it, makeup is MAGICAL (when used right). On the flip side, there are women that feel they need to put on makeup regardless if they’re stepping out of the house or even just staying in…. Which is fine, it’s only when makeup starts to mold your self esteem and you feel totally insecure if you don’t have any on.


I created this nomakeupmakeup look with a few drugstore items. My goal was to create a dewy-sunkist look without looking like I put too much on 🙂 I recommend the sunblock to be used for those who have dry skin, it’s a tad greasy but it doesn’t dry out your makeup throughout the day. 

Here are the products I’ve used:

Please use responsibly




Make up and its Wonders

Isn’t it amazing what makeup can do to a persons face? I love watching these videos sometimes to see what the final look would be. Kind of scary though knowing that alot of these girls look completely different without make up :S Especially in society today where cosmetic surgery is so common. I have nothing against it, i personally was considering it myself. In korea, its really common to have some sort of surgery done, usually prior to university or entering the workplace. It’s unfortunate to say but sometimes, Image is Everything.

I say that makeup “enhances our features” and girls should have fun with the face God gave them. But lets remember not to rely on our image alone and that beauty fades overtime


Drugstore Holiday Look

Who says you have to spend $$$$ to look like a million bucks?

Just a really simple holiday look for any occasion!

Necklace – J.Crew
Eyeliner – Liquid liner from Almay
Red lipstick / Eyebrow kit – E.L.F.
Lashes – The Face Shop
Multicolored Bronzer – Physicians Formula


Drugstore Holiday Look