Color of the day

maroon maroon maroon!

I had the most difficult time trying to snap a perfect picture for this peplum dress, hence the silly photos…

Maybe I shouldn’t have chugged coffee before attempting this post…. Lesson learned.

Happy Monday everyone!

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J.crew necklace

Forever21 dress



Went in for an unexpected interview literally less than two hours of notice. I came up with this look by mixing formal and casual wear. I personally don’t like to be TOO dressed up when I go to an interview because I don’t feel comfortable in the clothing, nor does it show originality. But Ofcourse it depends on what field you are going into 🙂





Blog #2

Hello~ and a belated Happy NEW Year!

I don’t know about you but i’m no good with following up with New year resolutions but I am better at short term goals.
I’ve decided to make another blog called “Shot Once A Day” to explore my inner “photography” desires. Its a blog where i post a picture (or two) everyday for the whole year! Some days might be better than others but its a way for me to have something consistent while working on my “photography skills” (two birds one stone right?)

If you are interested feel free to follow me through my daily adventures 🙂

Happy Blogging!~