Hiking anyone? 

I’m definitely not one of those people that can workout for more than 10 min and feel totally amazing after it…. Just like how I’d rather play sports instead of running aimlessly in one spot. I envy those who can👿.

Hiking works for me because I get a workout while enjoying the great view away from the city 😀


Blog #2

Hello~ and a belated Happy NEW Year!

I don’t know about you but i’m no good with following up with New year resolutions but I am better at short term goals.
I’ve decided to make another blog called “Shot Once A Day” to explore my inner “photography” desires. Its a blog where i post a picture (or two) everyday for the whole year! Some days might be better than others but its a way for me to have something consistent while working on my “photography skills” (two birds one stone right?)

If you are interested feel free to follow me through my daily adventures 🙂

Happy Blogging!~




Hand Complex

We all have something to complain about when it comes to body imagine. One of mine would be my hands. Yes they’re tiny and yes I have sausage like fingers. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal for some, I’ve always envied those gals (and boys even) that have long slender fingers that could reach every chord on the guitar.
That’s probably why I never learned any instrument properly haha.. not

Well here they are for the world to see! *patontheback*

– Su

(Rings: forever 21 Watch: Micheal kors Nail polish: Tony Moly)




Grinch 2014

Already creeping to the end of 2014. Time seems to fly a lot faster than when it did when I was a kid…

I still remember how exciting playing in the snow was! Building 5ft forts and tobogganing down a steep hill, drinking hot chocolate fast enough so the marshmallow doesn’t FULLY melt, eating icicles just bc everyone did it, everywhere became a playground.

Maybe it’s just age or my lack of enthusiasm for whether anything below freezing, but winter kinda sucks! You start to have responsibilities of shoveling snow (not that I do since I live in an apartment), driving in the mucky slushy snow (not that I have a car or anything), or having to commute to work/school every morning (not that I do that everyday lol).

Getting into the “Christmas spirit” is due to the reminder thats everywhere on ads and obnoxious mall decorations.. Even then, they kind of killed it for me knowing that it’s all just marketing strategy.

Did I become a Grinch?

BUT. Having said all that, I love Christmas. It’s a time where people seem to just relax.. Where time slows down and people are just friendlier when presents are involved aren’t they?

We visited Christmas at the Distillery District here in Toronto, just some quick photos I took for viewing pleasure 🙂






Margaret Zhang

It’s always a bad idea to bring your laptop to class… currently sitting through a lecture about the “Dimensions of globalization” in my politics class. As you can imagine, its super exciting. Not that i have anything against what i’m learning, it’s actually really interesting to learn about our world outside of where we live. I just happen to find something alot more interesting 😛

I discovered Margaret Zhang.

Stylist, photographer, writer, model, etc. she does it all!

Her work is polished and up-to-date, i’m totally inspired!

Her Blog: Shine by Three