Happy Thursday everyone! 

Decided to infused a bit of  streetstyle/urban into my look today ­čÖé ´╗┐



White Is The New Black!

Exams are FINALLY over and I can enjoy my summer break ­čÖé

All that goes through my mind at this point was how much shopping I want to do! This winter has been horrid and I feel the need to compensate by shopping for florals and hot pink anything For now, im sticking to the basics. White seems to be the trend at the moment. Always loved white because its simple and looks chic on almost any outfit.



Suit Up!

What is it about a man in a suit that just look so awesomely put together? Maybe its the tailored cuts, or the fact that men just seem to stand taller when they wear one? Either ways, i was recently inspired┬áto do this blog post…

While doing my research i was able to really┬áappreciate┬ámenswear so much more. I’ve always thought women had wayy more options for outfits, but turns out that men can do just the same (minus the skirt thing..)

I’ve learned 3 key elements for menswear:

1. Its all in the details

2. layer layer layer

3. Mix fabrics + materials



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