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Currently 3:40am and I can’t seem to fall asleep 😔  Why brain, why..?

On a fashion note!

Went to the mall recently for some “window shopping” do you ever just go to the mall and try things you would never actually wear outside of the changeroom just to see if you can pull it off?? I (clearly) do 🙂 I’ve decided to tackle the crop top! It’s definitely a lot more skin than I’m used to but I can understand the appeal… 

My takeaway: wouldn’t hurt to do a couple sit-ups once in a blue moon 🌒 




Oversized Coats

Oversized coats actually saved me this season, especially when its -26 outside as we speak. I love the comfort and warmth it gives and on top of that its SUPER stylish and can go with any type of look! The best part is that you don’t have to find the “perfect fit” if anything, its better if you don’t! Perfect opportunity to thrift shop 😉 Pair it with some skinny jeans or leggings and some cute boots and you’re set to go.

I hope this continues to be trendy for every harsh winters to come…Oh Canada :S

Keep warm everyone!

– Su

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White Is The New Black!

Exams are FINALLY over and I can enjoy my summer break 🙂

All that goes through my mind at this point was how much shopping I want to do! This winter has been horrid and I feel the need to compensate by shopping for florals and hot pink anything For now, im sticking to the basics. White seems to be the trend at the moment. Always loved white because its simple and looks chic on almost any outfit.




Cardigan – J.crew
Dress shirt – Banana republic
Necklace – Forever 21
Stretch dress pants – Forever 21

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Gmarket Insomnia

Here i am 3:50am in the morning trying to fall asleep after 10 cups of tea… being sick is no fun!

In spite of my current insomnia, i was able to catch up on my dose of korean trends on Gmarket. This is a very dangerous site for me because i ADORE these clothes offered by these small  korean designers. And not just a few, but ALOT of them at that. It was amazing to see how women dress up in korea. No matter if your going to the market, or to the bar to meet some friends, women look perfect head-to-toe. I pulled out some of the pictures from the site and it gives a pretty good idea of how korean women dress every single day. The influence of trends i would say comes from all over the world, mainly western trends and alot of european trends that hit the runway before entering street wear.

From my observations, no matter what season or style, korean clothes have a very simliar line of foundational trend it generally follows. If i had to describe korean style it would be Clean, Simple, Fitted, and has a sense of Chic-ness lol if that makes any sense…a subtle thing i’ve noticed was that loose-fitted clothes, although are still “baggy” they tend to fit proportionate to a persons body.

I miss those underground shopping (connected mainly in city subways) malls they have where clothes would range literally from $5-$30!!! And you would think its terrible quality and styling but I cannot be happier with all of my purchases because of the amazing fit and lasting quality 🙂

Oh and dont get me started on the food…..*drooool*

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