Mini vacation 

I recently decided to take this time to really  self reflect on the decisions I’ve made during the last couple years to figure out what I truly want to do for the rest of my life. After graduating university with a degree In a field I have no interest in, I’ve decided to change paths and use this opportunity to pursue a career in cosmetology… Meaning hair school. It’s always been a dream of mine (along with many girls I’m sure) to be a hairstylist but my ego wouldn’t let me due to its stigma in the Asian community. However, the reality is that all people have hair and its a guarantee business. It’ll be a skill I can take all over the world and I’ll have no limits to where it can take me. After making this decision to go back to school I realize summer is winding down and I didn’t utilize it!! So here’s a look of my mini vacation with a couple friends to a place called Tobermory located in Bruce Peninsula Ontario where the water is clear as day… It was truly beautiful 🙂