Mini vacationĀ 

I recently decided to take this time to really  self reflect on the decisions I’ve made during the last couple years to figure out what I truly want to do for the rest of my life. After graduating university with a degree In a field I have no interest in, I’ve decided to change paths and use this opportunity to pursue a career in cosmetology… Meaning hair school. It’s always been a dream of mine (along with many girls I’m sure) to be a hairstylist but my ego wouldn’t let me due to its stigma in the Asian community. However, the reality is that all people have hair and its a guarantee business. It’ll be a skill I can take all over the world and I’ll have no limits to where it can take me. After making this decision to go back to school I realize summer is winding down and I didn’t utilize it!! So here’s a look of my mini vacation with a couple friends to a place called Tobermory located in Bruce Peninsula Ontario where the water is clear as day… It was truly beautiful šŸ™‚  


How to:

Easy Pomegranate Plucking Method

Tis the season for POM!
I know we’ve all had the experience of trying to pluck pomegranates gracefully without getting it all over ourselves, but ultimately fail to do so.
I found a video on a quick and simple way that will make pom plucking less tedious!
And best thing of all, NO MESS!


You will need:Ā PomegranateĀ and a small sharp knife


Gently divide the pomegranate into 4 sections without cutting it through. Only the surface of the skin so that you can use your hands to divide it up later.


Fill in a bowl with water big enough to cover the pomegranate

Next, under the water start to use your hands to rip the skin off theĀ pomegranate.

The best thing about this method is that you don’t get messy, and the little chunks of the fruit flows on the of the water so you will end up with clean pomegranates!


Enjoy šŸ™‚